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    DHC Group, Adelaide 
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    DHC Advising & Business Development
  • DHC Advising & Business Development
    DHC Advising & Business Development
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    DHC Loans - Homes & Investment Properties
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    DHC Loans - First Home Buyers
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    DHC Migration
  • DHC Migration
    DHC Migration
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    DHC Financial Wealth - Securing the Future
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    DHC Group - Creating Partnerships

Welcome to DHC Group

David Hilton established a small, part-time accounting practice in 1981. In the years that followed the practice was moulded to accommodate  the ever changing needs of his clients. As we moved into the 21st Century David undertook extensive study in the fields of Migration, Loans and Financial Planning.

Today, the DHC Group comprises four distinct but related business divisions. Read a little about each below and then visit the appropriate website for more information.

DHC Advising & Business Development

Accounting regulations and reporting, along with tax compliance, are all heavy burdens placed on the accounting and finance teams of modern businesses. It's a real challenge to keep ahead of the changes while developing new startegies.

Many small businesses don't have the necessary resources and must rely on external, tech-savvy service providers. This is where DHC can help. At DHC we work WITH you and your senior and administrative staff. Our highest priority is to help you comply with the rules and introduce new initiatives, allowing you to focus on what you do best, managing and growing your business.

DHC Migration

Early this century, research into the Migration Profession showed there were many opportunities for migration agents to assist people wanting to come to Australia.

David Hilton undertook detailed study and has become one of the Migration Agents who possesses the Graduate Certificate in Migration Law, now a requirement for new Migration Agents. David also studied Post Graduate Migration and Refugee Law to broaden his knowledge of the profession.

AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC has become a leading provider of migration services and support to people from all walks of life, both business and personal who are looking for results. We provide quality assured services built around Business Skills, Students, Skilled Workers, Families, Refugees and General Migration Cases.

DHC can provide both temporary and permanent visa services. 

DHC Loans

Whether you're looking to buy your first home, renovate, refinance or invest, DHC can negotiate the right finance for you. We're a one-stop shop with hundreds of loan options available from across Australia's leading lenders and we'll help navigate you through the competitive and ever-changing mortgage landscape to find the right loan.

At DHC Loans, we'll make the process as simple as possible for you, geared up to deliver fast results. We'll help you avoid the pitfalls, and we'll find loan features to suit your personal circumstances.

Quality Financial Advice For All Australians

DHC Group and its associates are also able to provide the latest in wealth management strategies.

Every person deserves to understand how to make their money work for them, and DHC Group is dedicated to helping their clients achieve this.